Cycling in and around Devizes

As a consequence of the COVID-19 lockdown and the subsequent social distancing measures, more and more people have turned to cycling both as a means of getting around and to get some exercise.

Anecdotal evidence here in Devizes backs this up. Our local shop Bikes and Boards has been very busy with bicycle repairs and are finding it challenging to source enough new bikes to meet demand! Also at our first Repair Cafe we worked on a number of bikes that clearly hadn’t been used in a fair while, but that owners were keen to press back into service.

Repairing a bike

Whilst many cities have been quick to make changes to roads in order to provide safer routes for cyclists, here in the Devizes area we have yet to see any improvements. So we are keen to press Wiltshire Council to follow the Government’s lead by making cycling easier and safer for everyone.

As part of this we are conducting a survey to find out both what brings people to cycling and what holds people back from cycling more. The survey has now closed to new participants and we are in the process of analysing and writing up the results. These will be presented here in the near future. 


Local Cycling Related Information

If you are looking to use a bicycle to get around Devizes then this cycling map for the town may be helpful.

If you are looking to find other cyclists to get together with, or to promote local rides or share interesting bike stuff then try this Facebook group SCID: Social Cycling in Devizes.

If you are looking for more sporting cycling then check out Devizes Town Cycling Club.