Members of the Living Food Team are involved in various aspects of local food production: allotments, permaculture, markets, good food shops and seed swaps.  Below are links to our ongoing projects. 

We warmly welcome your interest and involvement.

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Local food tile

The Devizes area has a wonderful array of local food producers and distributors. These not only help to keep us fed, but also provide employment to many people.

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Permaculture tile

The origins of the Transition movement are intertwined with the concepts of Permaculture, practitioners of which seek to design systems to provide for our needs alongside those of the natural world.

Seed swap tile

Sustainable Devizes holds an annual Seed Swap event on a Saturday around mid February. This is a great opportunity to trade seeds for free in advance of the growing season.

 Community gardening tile

Supermarket shortages in the COVID-19 crisis highlighted our dependence on others for our food. We would like to encourage more food production at home and in the community, to make Devizes more resilient.

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