Energy Efficient Homes

Green Homes Grant

We recently ran an event aimed at helping people to make the most of the Green Homes Grant scheme which ran until March 31st 2021. Applications to that scheme have now closed, but much of the advice here still stands.

Here is first part of the presentation from that event - explaining the basics of making a house energy efficient:

The second part here covers the options for low carbon heating:

Click here to see the full set of slides from the event

If you are seeking to make use of the Green Homes Grant then these links are a good place to start:

Green Homes Grant scheme

Simple Energy Adivce - regarding Green Homes Grant

Energy Saving Trust - Get Ready for Winter with the Green Homes Grant Scheme


Help & Advice

Centre for Sustainable Energy

National charity whose mission is to share knowledge and practical experience to empower people to change the way they think and act about energy.


National Centre for Self Build and Renovation
Very large hanger containing 3 built houses, a guided tour of a house renovation, a guided tour of building you own house, plot finder, self build finance, building materials supplier, exhibition of building products and a café. All in all a grand day out! Located just off Junction 16 on the M4


Build a Dream Self Build Association - BADSBA
Self help group offering advice, lectures, mutual help and moral support.

Association for Environment Conscious Building - AECB
Advice, training, certification, contacts

Passivhaus Trust UK
Training, contacts, certification for Passive House projects. Self build and renovation. All about the EnerPHit renovation standard.

National Custom and Self Build Association - NaCSBA
Help and advice, looking for a plot, legal advice

Sustainable Traditional Buildings Alliance - STBA
Promoting a whole house approach to retrofit of traditional buildings. Of particular interest is the step by step guide through PAS 2035, specific to your house using their Guidance wheel


Future Proof

Resource for householders in the West to help improve their homes.


Grants & Loans

Green Homes Grant

New time limited government grant up to £5,000 or £10,000 if on benefits.


Energy Saving Trust - EST and Simple Energy Advice
Advice on saving energy in the home, government grants, local grants and advice

Warm & Safe Wiltshire
Advice, fact sheets, funding and other support for Wiltshire residents

Warmer Group
Wiltshire local authority Flex insulation grant scheme. You need to check if you are eligible.
T: 0800 716 846

IDDEA Renewable Energy Systems
Solar Streets a community and local council partnership scheme to help cut cost of solar panels through bulk buying for communities.

Renewable Heat Incentive Grant - RHI
Grant to assist when installing a renewable heating device - solar thermal panels, biomass boilers, heat pumps. Apply to OFGEM

Energy Companies Obligation - ECO
Grants available from the levy on energy companies. Often gifted to community schemes but individuals can apply if they are on benefits. Apply to OFGEM


Books & Periodicals

The Construction of Houses - EG Books, ISBN: 0-7282-0486-X
Understanding Housing Defects - EG Books, ISBN: 978-0-7282-0556-7
Passive House Plus magazine - Temple Media Ltd, ISSN: 2009-597X
Build It - self build magazine