Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles help address the immediate issue of air quality in towns like Devizes, but also reduce carbon emissions by making use of renewable electricity generation.  In September 2017 Sustainable Devizes held an event to showcase a wide range of electric vehicles from bicycles to cars and even a van.

        MayorEvShow           TeddyEBike


In October 2018 Sustainable Devizes ran an evening event on converting existing bicycles to e-bikes. The slides from that event are available here. If you have any questions about this, or want to have a go at converting a bicycle then please get in touch.

bike with C1 kit



If you want to learn a little about the practicalities of using an electric vehicle, then this series of short videos, commissioned by the Energy Saving Trust, may be a good place to start:


Charging Points

The principal charging point in Devizes is in Station Road and this is only a Type 2, so charges at just 7kW. We are taking action to increase the number of charging points.  To find out more explore the Zap Map below.  Click on the pins for further details about the charging point.

ENERGY Zap Map Devizes