The Devizes Green Pledge is an idea born from when the agenda item on Climate Emergency that Wiltshire Council declared in 2019 was squeezed out of the January 2020 Area Board meeting due to a shortage of time. With more time scheduled for the March 2020 Area Board, Sustainable Devizes put forward a proposal for creating a partnership between Wiltshire Council and Devizes community groups to achieve the goal of a carbon neutral Wiltshire by 2030.

Wiltshire Council’s goal will be a real challenge and their current green pledge places responsibilities onto individuals which will have little impact. The idea behind the Devizes Green Pledge is that individuals and community groups are asked to commit to collectively reducing our carbon footprint.

The proposal was tested on a small cross-section of Devizes community groups who supported the idea. The members of the Area Board also gave a very positive response at a pre-meeting for the Board.

With prescient timing the Government announced the first level of social distancing restrictions an hour before the March 2020 Devizes Area Board was due to start. The Chairman had little option and had to cancel the meeting so the proposal was not fully debated. Work is going on to develop the ideas and you can read the details of the Devizes Green Pledge here.