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These sobering words from David Attenborough speaking to the UN Security Council in February 2021 convey the gravity of the Climate and Ecological emergency now facing humanity:

 If we continue on our current path we will face the collapse of everything that gives us our security. Food production, access to fresh water, habitable ambient temperature and ocean food chains, and if the natural world can no longer support the most basic of our needs then much of the rest of civilisation will quickly break down.

 In recognising the seriousness of the situation Sustainable Devizes is seeking ways to both reduce the impact of our community on the environment and preparing our community for the future. Our approach to this is to initiate and promote practical projects which bring people together in an attempt to meet more of our needs locally.  In keeping with our membership of the Transition Network. We aim to operate throughout the Devizes Community area and so cover the surrounding villages as well as the town. Our current projects are summarised below. If you would like to be a part of these or any other projects which meet our aims then please get in touch.


Food & Growing

Since everybody needs to eat, an interest food is something that we all share! Sustainable Devizes is keen to promote and encourage local food production both as a way of making the area more resilient to disruption of global food supplies and as a way of bringing people together. Our long running Local Food Directory can be used to find local food producers, whist our more recent Growing In Devizes campaign aims to make growing fruit and vegetables a part of everyday life in the Devizes area.


Repair Cafe

Our Repair Cafe seeks to help people extend the life of existing goods, so avoiding the waste and expense associated with replacing them. However it is about much more than that! Repair Cafes are an opportunity to appreciate and learn from the skills that other people have developed over their lifetime and to get together for a chat over tea and cake.


Sustainable Transport

Road based transport is by far the largest source of greenhouse gasses emitted within Wiltshire. As a rural county tackling this is a major challenge. However we believe that much can and should be done to reduce the need for making journeys by car. Our CycleFriendly Devizes project aims to make Devizes a more enjoyable place to cycle, so that more people will choose to use bicycles whenever possible.


Zero Waste Devizes

We're on a mission to help Devizes become a Plastic Free Community. We'll be talking to local businesses, working with local schools, engaging with the Council and organising community events.


Building, Housing & Energy

The most challenging aspect of moving to a low carbon future lies in heating th buildings that we live and work in. Our Building, Housing & Energy group aims to provide information and adivce to people who are seeking to reduce the emissions associated with heating their homes. To this end they run occasional events related to energy use in homes and provide information here on the website.




Growing in Devizes

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