About us

Sustainable Devizes Mission


Sustainable Devizes is a community group seeking ways to strengthen the local economy, reduce our environmental impact, and build resilience for a future beyond cheap energy and a changing climate. We are part of the Transition Network “A movement of communities coming together to re-imagine and rebuild our world”.

We face politically and financially challenging times and it is too easy to view environmental issues as beyond our influence. However these changes are vital if we are going to stand any chance of halting runaway global warming. Every one of us needs to take responsibility for our consumption habits and adopt a regime of putting the planet first. These changes also have the potential to save us money and enrich our lives, so are definitely worth pursuing, if only to gain those benefits!



  • To raise awareness of environmental issues and how they impact on our community.

  • To assist people in the Devizes area in discovering how lifestyle changes can drastically reduce the environmental impact caused by human activity.

  • To encourage residents to obtain a higher proportion of their food from local sources, as well as encouraging the growing of home produced food.

  • To promote the concept of a circular economy and other initiatives that would build resilience and benefit the town.

  • To promote alternatives to private cars, improve public transport, reduce congestion and improve air quality.

  • To promote improvements to the energy efficiency of buildings, thus reducing emissions due to heating and making residents less reliant on fossil fuels and protect against rising fuel prices.

  • To offer practical ways to learn new skills to repurpose and repair items, thus reducing waste and the need to purchase new.

  • To promote alternatives to plastic and suggest ways to reduce its use and ideas to re-purpose it.

  • To work on producing an ‘Energy Descent Plan’ for the Devizes area. This would create a vision for how life in Devizes could be rich and fulfilling in a future without fossil fuel and dealing with the consequences of a warming climate.



  • Organise social events, film shows and presentations and raise awareness, promote and support initiatives that would enhance the pleasure of living in Devizes.

  • Organise practical activities, such as: seed and plant swap events, introduction to Permaculture days, or re-skilling workshops.

  • Identify local suppliers and services with ethical ambitions and encourage people to support them.

  • To have a presence at local events so as to promote Sustainable Devizes.

  • Work and liaise with other community groups and environmental organisations. Build links and network with other Transition Groups in the wider area.



Sustainable Devizes was originally set up as a network in 2008 by half a dozen individuals as part of Wiltshire Wildlife Trust's Climate Friendly Communities project.  A small grant from the former Devizes and Marlborough Friends of the Earth and Kennet District Council helped get "Sustainable Devizes Network" off the ground.  Its first four years were action packed and soon became the Environment sub-group for Devizes Community Area Partnership (DCAP).  It built our administrative capacity, community links and covered our insurance for holding public events. However the group of active members dwindled whilst the facebook page grew!  The group was on hold during 2014 until a general meeting in December 2014 was called when it was agreed that Sustainable Devizes should become the transition group for the Devizes area with action groups reflecting our priorities and interests and interest grew. 
A Core Group was charged with setting up the reformed Transition Town Group, rebranded as Sustainable Devizes. 
Our constitution was adopted on 2 November 2015 and is available here.